Newsflash!: Announcing Another Awesome Show of Awesomeness

It is with great pleasure and more than a little pride that I announce to you, friends, the happening that will be going down on Friday, October 11th at the Velvet Lounge

Not one, not two, but three amazing bands have joined up to play their glorious music for you, yes you! Two locals, Dangerosa (wild, expansive delirium) and More Humans, (jagged, pretty rock) sandwich my favorite Nashvillians Ttotals (gripping, heavy outer blues). I do believe it is a can't-miss kind of night.

Not only will it be all sorts of noisy and epic, it's probably the last DC show yours truly will be a part of for the foreseeable future. So come on down, have a beer, and enjoy what will certainly be one of the finest shows in DC during the month of October. 

PS: Bring earplugs. 


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