Meet The Bezzoommies

We all know I like it loud. The louder the better, really. Go loud or go home. So when I'm digging around for wonderful new bands to love up on, loudness is most certainly a factor in winning my affection. As it happens, The Bezzoommies likes to make it loud. Obviously, we were nothing short of destined to cross paths. 

Hailing from the Ukraine, these noiseniks are anything but shy when it comes to blasting eardrums with their brazen, nervy wails. The 5 songs on their TOHIC+ release are all sorts of out there, and see the band droning, thrashing, contorting, shouting, and having fits all over the place. Exuberantly expansive with razor sharp cavalcades of strident, scuzzed out sound, I must say TOHIC+ is an intense and intensely enjoyable listen.


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