Live Review: Grooms @ DC9, 9/18/13

I'm really not sure how it happened that I hadn't seen Grooms live before last Wednesday evening. Perhaps it's down partially to their self-proclaimed lack of regular visits to DC. I'm sure I've also just plain managed to miss them when they've been in town. Wherever the problem existed, I am happy to say our paths finally crossed. And when they did, I was pretty dang impressed.

One of those bands that I dig even more live than on record, the three gents tore through their set with loud, wailing abandon. At times, songs felt very angular, very raw. The attitude was, for the most part, aggressive, big sounds present at all times. It was a most charming clamor. As they played on, I found it harder not to fall totally in smit. 

They proved a good foil to the eccentric Liverpudlian noise of headliners Clinic, with their controlled ferocity and tendency to sonically raise an eyebrow with the occasional burst of rocking out. One song was introduced as being "brand brand new," and was "written while eating lots of bran." Points for banter on that one. As with most of their set, the song in question was cagey, a bit salty, and definitely not at all conducive to inspiring thoughts of boring old bran. 

Closing with "I Think We're Alone Now," a gritty yet groomed and rather wirey little ditty, I couldn't help but wish their set would last just a bit longer. If you've yet to see Grooms, make sure you give them your full attention when they come to town. I know I'm already looking forward to their next DC date.

[photo by Megan Petty]  


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