Video Vixens: Elephant Stone

"Elephant Stone" is one heck of a Stone Roses song. It's also the name taken by a gaggle of Montreal musicians, who happen to have formed one heck of a band. 

The psych lovers among you will surely recognize Elephant Stone, as their star has risen quickly since the band formed in 2009. Accurately and succinctly (and wittily) pinpointing their sound as "Hindie-rock/psyche pop," the band is touring the release of a self-titled lp, and will be in DC at the Black Cat this coming Sunday evening.

This, the video for the song "Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin," is as undeniable as is the song itself. Hazy and full of swirling light effects, the video is subtle enough to really let the song do most of the work. Jangling, chirpy psych pop is just the ticket these days, and I suspect you'll be hearing more about Elephant Stone in the not so distant future. 



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