Super Furryism #8

For those that don't know, this blog borrows its' name from the title of the debut long player record by wily Welsh cosmic psych poppers Super Furry Animals. As far as I'm concerned, that's certainly reason enough to start talking about them at random times, and for no real reason other than just because I darned well feel like it.

I recently finished up reading Señor Nice, Howard Marks's autobiographical romp through Welsh history and Latin America. It was quite a read, I must say. The tie-in with the Super Furries is evident, not only were the Furries mentioned in the pages of the book but the band and the legendary naughty boy Marks are what you might call amigos. Hence, this song. Off the brilliant Fuzzy Logic LP, "Hangin' With Howard Marks" is quite likely to induce all sorts of bad behavior, filled as it is with audacious guitar and an overwhelming sense of mischievousness. And I'm sure the band, as well as Mr. Marks, would approve of any such shenanigans.


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