Meet Harsh Vibes

Ah, to be timely. If you're local, this pertains especially to you, so pay close attention! 

Seeing as it just so happens that in just a matter of hours this here band'll be in town this very evening (Comet Ping Pong, along with Thee Lolitas and Ttotals), I figured it was a great time to talk a little bit about Harsh Vibes. Coming from Philly, the relatively new outfit (not yet three years old) has been churning out some wicked, intense psych rock. 

That they cite Black Sabbath, My Bloody Valentine, and Spacemen 3 as influences hints at the noise you'll hear, but that's only the beginning. The band's sound is expansive and then some, undulating with shadows and full of shattering soundwaves eardrums will both love and hate. Theirs is not the pill you swallow to wake from your dreams, instead it's the other pill, full of endless rabbitholes and all manner of mischief and mishaps. 

To say that I'm excited to see them in action is definitely the understatement of the day.



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