Album Review: Ttotals - Spectrums of Light

It's hard to believe that it's already been two years since Nashville duo Ttotals first landed in my life. When they did, I marveled that I'd not heard anything like them, and 24 months later, I still haven't. And the thing is, they just keep getting better and better and of course, more and more out there. For fans of the sonically slanted and noisy, it really doesn't get any better.  

Spectrums of Light is the band's latest recorded output, two mammoth songs on a 7" mastered by a legend of the weird and wonderful, the one and only Sonic Boom. "Sometimes You Just Are" sits on Side A, starting all languid and sticky, summer night hazy before bursts of loudness pour forth, guitar and drums creating rivulets of technicolor noise. Side B is the sinister flip side, with "Tricks of The Trade" cutting a somewhat villainous slink through miles of darkness, Edwardian fog, and beautiful nightmares. It's rapidly becoming a favorite not just in terms of Ttotals but also in terms of 2013 music as a whole.

It's true to Ttotalsian form, true to the Outer Blues, and true  to the spirit of awesome music. A must-have for satisfying your senses. Get your hands on this sooner than immediately.

And don't forget, DC folks. You can experience Ttotals making magic in person tomorrow night, at Comet Ping Pong. Ridiculously good music will also be provided by Thee Lolitas and Harsh Vibes, with dj action by Paul from Hometown Sounds. The proceedings start at 9pm. Do not miss out, don't even think about it. 



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