Newsflash!: Fire & The Wheel Minidoc & Show!

Ever wondered what it's like to be a band in the studio, getting your recording on? Wonder no more, my little lambs. Yours truly had the pleasure of sitting in on a session with local favorites and amigos (and purveyors of high quality concept albums) Fire & The Wheel as they worked on new jam "Blow Darts" at The Bastille, and it was quite an enjoyable outing.

Fire and the Wheel - Recording Blow Darts from Hi.Go. on Vimeo.

As the song plays tantalizingly in the background, the video montages from band member closeups to group interview snippets to candid recording shots, retaining a somewhat gleeful air as the band talks us through the recording and songwriting process. Quite a snazzy clip, if you ask me, not to mention one heck of a catchy little "upbeat pop" ditty.

And as for "Blow Darts," you might get the chance to hear it live and in person this coming Friday, May 24th, at the Velvet Lounge. Another promising DC band, Brenda, is also on the bill, so you are highly encouraged to attend. And maybe buy me a beer.


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