Guest Best Of: Rishi Chakrabarty (Black Hills/Ugly Purple Sweater)

Y'all know that my Best Of 2012 is a ways away, but to keep you in the end of year mentality, I thought I'd ask a few musician friends for their picks for the best records of last year. I'm also nosy/curious, and just wanted to see what they'd choose. A person's record selections say a lot about who they are as a person, I believe...

Our next guest, Mister Rishi Chakrabarty, is one of those multi-talented, multi-tasking kinda guys. He does his axe-man thing not only in the super awesome Black Hills, but also in the super awesome Ugly Purple Sweater. That those bands have way different sounds is a testament to his skill. He's also got pretty good taste as far as music goes (which is definitely better than his taste in English football teams). His picks for 2012 are so good that they need no explanation. Hence, no explanation. Just trust, y'all.

Latristic -- The Greyest Shade

Black Hills - Black Gold

Beauty Pill -- Immersive Ideal

More Humans -- Demon Station

Teen Mom -- Mean Tom

Chain and the Gang -- In Cool Blood

Slow Machete -- Evening Dust Choir

Warchild -- We Go to War

Benoit & Sergio -- New Ships


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