Crossing The Pond: Novella

It's entirely too easy to say I love everything about Novella's glorious song "Mary's Gun." But y'all. It's so true. SO TRUE.  Well, except perhaps for the part where the song ends. That I'm not so keen on. But it's songs like this that repeat was invented for.

Here's the deal. The song was recorded in The Horrors' studio. So there's already a point in the song's favor. But it just gets better from there. Misty washes of fuzz and whispy vocals backed with beautiful noise channeling My Bloody Valentine frolicking seaside. It's no surprise to learn that Novella has shared stages with Veronica Falls and Dum Dum Girls, as these three ladies (and Iain) have the spooky, spectral chops to stand alongside both bands. Perfectly glorious.


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