Super Furryism #5

For those that don't know, this blog borrows its' name from the title of the debut long player record by wily Welsh cosmic psych poppers Super Furry Animals. As far as I'm concerned, that's certainly reason enough to start talking about them at random times, and for no real reason other than just because I darned well feel like it.

Radiator, friends, if you don't already own it, is a stellar record. It's full of unfathomably good Super Furry spacecakeries, sonic pot brownies just ready to launch you into lord only knows what universe. Of all the amazing kooks on that record, I always find myself coming back to "Hermann Loves Pauline." It's out there with a capital Out There, and mixes glam, kraut, and pop into one big, glowing, frothy mess. In other words, it's amazing. After all, where else, I ask you, will you hear a song referencing 24 hour garages, Marie Curie, and ritalin? Nowhere, that's where.


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