Meet Maus Haus

So it's not quite automatic that I'll fall in love with every single band that comes out of San Francisco. But the odds are pretty high. Latest example of my San Francisco treating is Maus Haus, a band that both pays homage to the musical reputation of their homeland while putting their own eccentric spin on things.

To quoth them, they're a little like "a confection of Kraftwerk, the Beach Boys and Sonic Youth, ground up and re-formed into a filet of raw cool." Pretty spot on, truth be told. To me, they've got a little bit of Hooray For Earth's Baltic cool slink (with a little West Coast warmth, of course), along with some of that pretty harmonizing and tunefulness that somehow seems inherent in a lot of California bands.  They throw in some jerky, staccato movements and some dizzying wackiness to make sure things stay interesting. And yes, there is the occasional foray into psych, but it's not what you'd expect coming straight outta San Fran.

The band will be joining Fuzzy faves Generationals over at the Red Palace tomorrow evening, a show that I happen to be super stoked about and at which I do hope you local types will join me for. Should be a daggum doozy, and you really should be there.


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