LP Lust: Holy Crap I Forgot Edition

Pretty much all of my friends will confirm that my memory is...well, verging on terrible sometimes. A recent example of this is how I went record shopping one day, bought a small stack of LPs I was super excited to have found, and then promptly forgot all about said records until months later. True story.

The records in question are, I believe you'll agree, pretty great. And now that I've rediscovered them, I'm not likely to soon forget them again. Here's what I bought, months back...

* Various Artists - Redneck Mothers

* Lenny Bruce - What I Was Arrested For: The Performances That Got Lenny Bruce Busted

* Pernell Charity - The Virginian

* Strawbs - Grave New World

* Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra - Saint-Saens' Carnival of the Animals

* Pentangle - Cruel Sister 


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