Good Cover Version: The Snowy Owls Does T. Rex

Pulp gave the world the song "Bad Cover Version." But seeing as I'm a sonic optimist, I'm of the belief that there's more likely than not more good cover versions floating around than bad ones. Good Cover Version celebrates the good, and leaves all that bad and ugly stuff alone.

We all know that Marc Bolan had sass, and that sass can be found all over the place when listening to the music of his glittery musical glam rock beast T. Rex. The Snowy Owls, for their part, might not bring as much glitter to the party, but that didn't stop them from transforming the T. Rex-ian "Mambo Sun" into a sludgy, scuzzy ball of fuzzy rambunctiousness. I love their version so much, I'm going to try to twist their collective arm into playing it Saturday night, when they do their thing at the Black Squirrel as part of this year's STPP Fest. Whether or not I'm successful, you really ought to be there to check out a rare DC appearance by some of Richmond's finest.



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