Getting To Know You: Cricket Cemetery

Record Stores. Record labels. We all love them, obviously, but just how much do you actually know about your favorite merchants of vinyl and signers of your new favorite bands? In Getting To Know You, we'll all get good and cozy with some of the coolest folks around, both in greater DC and beyond. Trust me, these are definite persons of interest, y'all.

DC labels, my friends, are not to be scoffed at. There's some pretty good people doing some pretty good things about town, and Mister Ian MW Thompson of Cricket Cemetery just so happens to be one of them. Cricket Cemetery houses some of the baddest of all badass music around, and just keeps getting bigger and badder. Ian's approach is awesome, he just works with bands he loves. Unfuckwithable. Read on and get to know the man and the label a little better. 

Fuzzy Logic: How long has Cricket Cemetery been a label?
Ian Thompson: Since December 28 2010.  

FL: How many bands are on your active record this very minute, and why did you sign them?
IT: Active Roster:  LTW, The Tender Thrill, The Bam Bams, More Humans, Murder, HOST, Janel and Anthony, Rote Hexe, Washerwoman, PLIANT, The Sterling Sisters, TAL, Iron Galaxy, Gamla Pengar, Bring The Drones, Hedge Fund, Dealbreaker, Passing Phases, STATE VIOLENCE. I signed them because I personally enjoy listening to their music.

FL: Why did you decide to get involved in the creation of a label?
IT: I started Cricket Cemetery to release the first LTW 7". I wanted to put it out myself. 

FL: Does Cricket Cemetery solely sign bands you've already got your eye on, or are demos accepted?
IT: Nah, not at all. Demos are accepted. 

FL: How far do you envision the label expanding?
IT: I envision always running CC out of my home and funding it by working hard. How big or wide that grows and spreads, only time will tell.

FL: What's the best part of being part of a label in general?
IT: The best part is knowing that this is exactly what  I'm supposed to be doing with my life. Serving my music community, locally, across the country, and even in Sweden!  Helping a band put a record out is a wonderful feeling.

FL: More specifically, what do you most love about Cricket Cemetery?
IT: What do I love? That it's mine. It's mine to share with the world. When I fuck up, I'm the first and only person to take the heat. But when I get something right or make someone happy I get to enjoy that. I love the feeling of accomplishment, especially while getting to serve and help others.

FL: Why should folks buy records by the artists on the Cricket Cemetery roster? 
IT: Because these bands are the truth. Nowhere else will you find this much variety and talent. Fact. This is music made by honest hard working people. This is Cricket Cemetery.



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