Crossing The Pond: The Cherry Wave

I know, I say this far too often, but Glasgow is one of my favorite places on this great globe of ours. So it makes me feel especially pleased when I get to gush over Glaswegians, a delight which multiplies exponentially when the Glaswegians in question just so happen to put forth some deliriously delicious, beautifully brutal, nouveaugaze. 

The Glaswegians in question, friends, would be The Cherry Wave. To quoth them directly, consider them as "Gazing at shoes to make music to gaze at shoes to," a reference which, if you get, means you'll probably enjoy the music here. Crackles of distortion and robust riffs mingle with muddy, haunted vocals. At times, the bands reminds me of Weekend, and y'all know how much I love me some Weekend. There's a beautiful darkness to The Cherry Wave, and it reminds me a lot of a Scottish winter sky, brittle cold and velvet dark and calling for a stiff drink (or five). May I strongly suggest you venture over to the Cherry Wave Bandcamp page to get your FREE download of their self-titled EP? Trust me, you'll be ever so glad you did. 



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