Video Vixens: Super Vacations

If you've been feeling like something's been missing from your life, but you just couldn't quite put your finger on it, I believe I might know the answer, friends. Obviously, you were craving a new video from those dang awesome Super Vacations. The clip for "El Rey" is the band's very first EVER video, and as such is an occasion unto itself. 

The song is all you could ask for from a Super Vacations song, it's lo-fi, awash with fuzz, and jangly as all heck. The video, too, is lo-fi, a little on the random side, but put the song and the clip together and it all seems to make sense. This really is one of the best bands in Virginia, y'all, so don't miss out on this. And keep an eye out for more out of these dudes in the very near future (yay!). [9/11/12]


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