Sounds of Liverpool Psych Fest #7: The Lucid Dream

It is a happy time indeed, friends, when psychedelic music is enjoying such popularity, as it is these days. Bacchanals celebrating this favored genre of yours truly are popping up all over the place (most notably in Austin, of course), but such a festival has recently popped up on my radar from across the pond. Obviously, I would love to be in England for the Liverpool Psych Fest (full official fancy name: Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia), but since I can’t be there, these are some of the bands that I find most appealing.

I think it's safe to say that if a band should happen to pop up with a name taken from a song by The Verve (i.e. "Catching The Butterfly"), that I'll probably end up talking about them one way or another. Witness, brothers and sisters, The Lucid Dream. The Carlisle-ians have toured the UK with Fuzzy darlings A Place To Bury Strangers, and I suspect their scuzzy, darkly poppy, grey matter psych will go down a treat at this weekend's festival. 



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