Sounds of Liverpool Psych Fest #10: Mind Mountain

It is a happy time indeed, friends, when psychedelic music is enjoying such popularity, as it is these days. Bacchanals celebrating this favored genre of yours truly are popping up all over the place (most notably in Austin, of course), but such a festival has recently popped up on my radar from across the pond. Obviously, I would love to be in England for the Liverpool Psych Fest (full official fancy name: Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia), but since I can’t be there, these are some of the bands that I find most appealing.

It's never a bad thing when a band is so loud that they blow your speakers. Judging by the live footage that's on the internets, Mind Mountain is such a band. And I like it. The new Liverpudlian outfit takes the sludgy, jam-laden approach to psych, and I suspect that many a speaker lies conquered and spent in their wake, brief though their time together has been. They're just "three dudes who like to play heavy jams," though I assure you there's much more to it than just that. The noise I've heard so far is promising, and hopefully there's more where that came from. 



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