Crossing The Pond: The Kumari

I often wonder what London must have been like in the 60s. Sometimes I feel as though Swinging London is probably when and where I really ought to have been around. But no matter. As long as bands like The Kumari exist, we can all get a modern take on the heady shimmy shake of certain bands (The Zombies, early Who, Sam The Sham, etc.) that we've missed by a good many years.

It's not at all a secret as to which bands the gentlemen of The Kumari listen to, and they've been taking notes. The kicky beats and vintage, perfectly tinny sound serve as a fitting tribute laid at the feet of Blunstone, Sham, Burdon, and the early days of Jagger/Richards, amongst others. It's nostalgia done good and proper, and it verily makes me want to cut a rug and then some. This is a band perfect for the cigarette panted, bowl-cutted scenester, but I suspect their appeal will prove to be even broader. Rather highly recommended, indeed.


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