Crossing the Pond: King Twit

True story. I once spent a few hours in Liverpool, wanting to venture into the former stomping grounds of some of music's most important pop-makers. Sadly, thanks to my friend William and I getting lost trying to find some museum or other, there wasn't much time to take anything in. The next time I make it to Liverpool, I'd like to spend more time in pubs, and more time checking out current Scouse music-makers.

Music-makers, quite possibly, like King Twit. Straddling sea shanty and eccentric, not-quite-traditional folk, King Twit takes more cues from the excellently oddball, mercurial sounds of fellow Liverpudlians The Coral and The Zutons than they do from a certain foursome of mod suit wearing popsters. Their sounds bound along, charmingly akimbo, like a fellow at a party who's had entirely too much to drink but holds his drunkenness in the most disarming way. King Twit's Pony EP might well induce dancing, drinking, and all manner of general revelry.


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