Video Vixens: Mansun

I confess, there are times that I get very, VERY nostalgic for the late 90s. Musically, that was a rather important time for me. One of the bands I loved like fury was Chesterian foursome Mansun, lads who fused the intense flamboyance of Bowie glam with the harsh, but catchy, realities of English life, like a slightly more kitsch Kinks. Though, I have to say, I never really understood the whole boiler suit thing...

But really, what's not to like? Dark and broodingly introspective, fond of eyeliner and flared trousers, and totally distinctive, I found Mansun irresistible. And as a side note, we can all thank Mansun frontman Paul Draper for steering me in the right path, at least as far as David Bowie is concerned (Hunky Dory, my friends, Hunky Dory).

But I digress. 

To my mind, Mansun was always severely underrated, at times even somewhat abused in the fickle British music press, so I endeavor to gush about them when I can. In the spirit of gushing, let's all take a moment to absorb the video for one of their biggest hits, "Stripper Vicar." As you might have guessed, it's about a member of the clergy with a penchant for...wait for it...stripping. 

Sure, the video is a wee bit camp, but it's all part of that late 90s charm. As a bonus, check out the boys let loose at Glastonbury, the legendary be-all and end-all of the UK festival season.


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