Newsflash!: A Suns of Guns Hiatus Is Nigh Upon Us!

Those who have been reading my ramblings for a good while are well aware of the fierce, serious love I bear for DC rock'n'roll badasses Suns of Guns. They've been one of my favorite local outfits for years now, but alas and alack, a band hiatus is drawing nigh.

The band will be playing not one but TWO sets at the Black Cat this Thursday. That means two chances for insanely good, insanely loud, insanely insane good time old school rock music that'll light a fire in your belly and make you want to go break things and maybe throw a punch or two. In a good way. The added uncertainty of when the band shall play again will undoubtedly only add to the overall awesome of this event. I'll be at this farewell shindig, and if you've got any sense you will be too. Don't make me tell you twice.


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