Meet A Sky Jet Black

On paper, and at first blush, there's not a lot not to like about Austin's A Sky Jet Black. The band adheres to that they call "a subtle and sincere philosophy of Romantic Nihilism," cites Berlin-era David Bowie, Phil Spector, and goth as influences, and falls in line sonically with the dark side of the early Factory Records roster and, to a certain extent, could be considered contemporaries of bands like The xx. Oh, and they cover The Stone Roses. All this, of course, merely scratches the surface.

There's a gorgeous, glorious gloom to their songs, a real sense of finality but without any sort of despair. In a strange way, and I'm not quite sure how they managed it, their music comes off as featherlight, even amid waves of synth-heavy noise. Theirs is music that embraces the ghosts of the past and the ghosts endlessly to come. That you can dance to it is just icing on the cake.


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