Crossing The Pond: Temples

To listen to Temples is to be trapped in time, stuck in space, and in a limbo state betwixt backwards and forwards, then and now, here and there. And friends, I like it.

They call themselves "neo-psych," does this duo. But that's being either exceptionally perfunctory or ridiculously modest. Each song is a journey into the unknown; Tropicalia spiked dandelion wine punch sipped on lushly technicolor strawberry fields with mods and fairies and long hairs and magic dragons shape-shifting and undulating and kaleidoscoping before your eyes under velvet swirls of peacock blue skies and shimmering waves of stars.

And there's a harp.

Yes, really.

Wait no longer, friends. Let Temples take you somewhere special. You'll enjoy every intoxicating moment you spend with them.


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