Crossing the Pond: Runny Suns

It should be rather obvious when you listen to them, dearhearts, just why I've decided that I adore Runny Suns. Aside, of course, from residing in Glasgow, this here two-man side project (comprised of two members of Los Tentakills) won me over even before I began to listen to them, what with their tagline of "It's not fucking loud enough" and all. But wait, there's more.

Once I dove in and listened to their Now Is All the Time EP, that's when things really got interesting. The EP kicks off with the gritty, lo-fied to perfection simplicity of "Trace," a right hook of a song full of as much fuzziness, muddy vocals, and cock of the walk attitude as you could possibly want. "Out The Frame" sees that and raises it with hellishly addictive noise and some serious sonic wailing. The EP's title track, "Now Is All the Time," takes a hazy, slightly psych-leaning tilt, and "Leave It Alone" throws down some seriously sassy shimmy. They're a little bit blues, a little bit Nectarine No. 9, a little bit Rolling Stones...and dang it, they're dynamite.

I don't know about y'all, but if this is a side project, I can't wait to dig into their real gig. In the meantime, may I make a suggestion and recommend you go get you some of this Runny Suns business. Now would be about the right time.


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