Video Vixens: Hundred Reasons

Seeing as Blighty is all over the place these days, what with the Olympics and all, yours truly is feeling a little bit nostalgic. And so, I decided to look to the past a wee bit for this latest vixeny little clip. 

The year was 2002. There were countless hordes of bands making shouty, guitar-heavy rock on both sides of the Atlantic (with varying degrees of success and appeal). For one reason or another, English scamps Hundred Reasons became a shouty, guitar-heavy band that I verily enjoyed. Listening to "If I Could" ten years on, not even my much more discerning palate can put the kibosh on my enjoyment of this song. This song was everywhere back then, and I was all about it. Something about that beefy intro and all those raw, shouty vocals still get to me. It's a big, big song, perhaps a little on the mass quantity appeal side, but still good, catchy fun all the same. 

Try some Hundred Reasons on for size for yourself, I've thrown in a 2002 Kerrang! Awards performance (with seriously dodgy camera work) as well as the recorded version of the song. 



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