Super Furryism #2

For those that don't know, this blog borrows its' name from the title of the debut long player record by wily Welsh cosmic psych poppers Super Furry Animals. As far as I'm concerned, that's certainly reason enough to start talking about them at random times, and for no real reason other than just because I darned well feel like it.

It's a well-known fact that we writers like fancy words. And I'm pretty sure "juxtaposition" has shown up in many a paper written by yours truly over the years. Naturally, then, my love of the Super Furry Animals song "Juxtapozed With U" was bound to happen. After all, the juxtaposition of the slightly seedy, cosmic lounge grooves and hilarious lyrics ("I'm not in love with you/But I won't hold that against you") is nigh on irresistible. If you don't already, you will most certainly love this song. As an added bonus, the video is great, of course. 

So then, friends, in the spirit of the song, let's get juxtaposed.


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