Singles Club: Summerays

Since it's the middle of summer, I've decided that summer music needs to be paid special attention to. When I caught site of an email about Summerays, I knew this mission could be undertaken on several fronts. 

Not only is the name very much in the time of the season, but the song I have the pleasure of sharing with you now also happens to be in possession of mass quantities of that summertime jangle that sounds so very nice. Luke Teeters, the one man show behind Summerays, is but a young pup of 22, but already his recordings show a maturity lurking behind all that youthful breathlessness. "Toyohashi" has all the loveable jangle of Beach Fossils, the cooler than cool chill of Wild Nothing, and something marvelously mellow just under the surface. A great song, and a rather impressive introduction. 

The Summerays Daydream EP is released today on Cool Summer (naturally!) Records. Get your hands on it and get some sunshine.



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