Singles Club: Summer Cannibals

Earlier this week I received an email from Portland duo Summer Cannibals, and I must say I sure am glad they found me. The two songs they sent my way are so very deliriously fine that they might induce all sorts of cannibalistic face-eating (too soon?). 

In all seriousness, I can't encourage you enough to stop what you're doing and take a few moments to listen to these songs. Summer Cannibals' rough, scuzzy grit blends bluesy guitar rock, shades of haunted surf rock, and early 90s grunge, and the vocals are a bewitching hybrid of droll, super cool riot grrl and torch singer. The best part is that these are just demos, y'all. Sounding as good as they do now, I can't wait for more. These songs are sexy, no doubt about it, and more than sultry enough for the dog days ahead. 



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