Newsflash!: Another Fuzzily-Sponsored Show

Friends. Dear, dear friends. We find ourselves in the month of June, which means not only that it is the birth month of your humble narratress, but the latest Fuzzily-related happening shall soon be occurring as well. What is this latest happening, you might be wondering? Well. Let me divulge.  The short version is that three amazingly wonderful and incredibly delightful bands will be gathering en masse at DC9 tomorrow evening to show one and all one heck of a good time. 

The longer version is thus: Long-time band crush Thieving Irons shall be venturing down from NYC to celebrate the release of their second long-player Behold, This Dreamer! by playing some of their dreamy, intricate rock ditties. Joining them are a pair of hand-picked locals sure to tickle your fancy. New local favorite Fire and the Wheel brings their boisterous new "concept" newness to the stage and another of my local favorites Kindlewood brings their beauteous, gentle clamor to the proceedings. Having seen all three of these bands up close and personal, I can guarantee, nay promise, that you will have one hell of a Thursday night. So come on down and prove me right.   



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