Meet Sun Sister

Take a little bit of that dreamy, daggum catchy surf rock, add in some leisure suit lounge and some sweet, early 60s girl group pop, and you'll start to smell what Sun Sister is cookin'. The four Fitchburgians (MA, if you were wondering) put together some devilishly infectious, flat out delightful dive bar pop ditties that I do believe you'll enjoy quite a bit. 

On the Rich American White Kidz EP, the band turns modern day banalities (the first song, "Growing Ur Hair Out," takes on the pressing, hot-button issue of growing one' out. Yet Stacy Baird's rough around the edges cooing and the delectable lo-finess of all that pretty jangling makes the subject matter almost an afterthought. "Puta, Mirame" is rather interesting, subtly shaded with lounge and that 60s pop vibe, and aching with a hearty dose of infidelity under all that tunefulness. 

When you get right down to it, friends, I do believe I like this Sun Sister, and I do believe you should lend them your ear for a minute or two.


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