Meet Readable Graffiti

A wise man once advised that one should "party 'til you puke." Listening to Canberra/Melbourne outfit Readable Graffiti, one cannot help thinking they probably take that man's words and hold them close to their collective heart. 

After all, these cheeky rapscallions twiddle knobs, mess with video game bleeps, and lay down their vocals with a gleeful sense of being up to no good whatsoever. And if there's one thing I'm a fan of, in music and in life, it's being up to no good. Prepare yourself, this is not music to do anything other than have copious amounts of good times to, quite possibly involving dancing yourself dizzy, sucking down PBR tallboys by the case, and generally having a daggum mighty fine time. For some silly, ridiculous tunes, look no further than Readable Graffiti



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