Free For All: The Lean Few

Times are tough out there, and for many of us buying music has become quite an indulgence (albeit a necessary one). Happily, there are some lovely musician folk out there that have offered up some fruits of their labors to the masses, free of charge. Free For All celebrates these wonderful people, and you, dear reader types.

Listening to The Lean Few, I am reminded of just why fathers used to lock up their daughters. These four Carolina boys ("South Carolina's Best," y'all) make a filthy, sweaty brand of rock steeped in the sexy simplicity of that old time rock'n'roll, the kind that drove, and still does, drive the girls crazy. Perfectly lo-fi, these rakish fellows get down and dirty with alacrity, and their enthusiasm is infectious. Jerky guitars and an overall feeling of near-catastrophe make these songs beyond appealing. I strongly encourage you to get your paws on their Creepy Simple Cool EP while the gettin's good.


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