Video Vixens: Hot Chip

What's that, you say? New Hot Chip on the horizon? What lovely news indeed on this Solar Eclipse Sunday. Yes, my little dancefloor denizens, the splendid chaps of Hot Chip will be dropping their newest LP on June 12 (just three days before my birthday, how nice! Remember, Hot Chip LPs make great gifts!). 

In honor of this momentously wonderful event, the band has let loose a video for the delirious damnation of "Flutes." Hot Chip songs have often made me feel dizzy with delight, but this video takes that to a whole other level of actual, physical dizziness. Those prone to motion sickness might want to avert their eyes. The video takes a stroll into the studio with the lads, and then sits and spins while the icy cool throwback grooves and bleeps do their thing. At the end of it, your head might be pained, but you'll be back for more in no time. 



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