The Untitled Interview #182: Starring Last Tide

Broody and moody, y'all, broody and moody. That's just how DC psychpopsters Last Tide roll. Blending glorious gloom with catchy hooks and effortless slickness, the trio makes a mighty fine noise indeed. 

Last Tide also happens to be celebrating the release of their newest record, Lost To Memory. Local types can celebrate in the flesh tomorrow night at the Black Cat. All the cool kids will be there, so make sure you are too. Below, get familiar with the world of the Tide (Alanis! Graham Greene! The Simpsons!). Check out the new record, and local kids, see you tomorrow night for what promises to be a pretty darned good time.  

AS A MOVIE: Last Tide is...romantic, trippy, kind of depressing, and has an interesting soundtrack. Basically, we're Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, is what I'm saying. 

AS A DRINK: Last Tide is...bourbon and ginger ale. 

AS A WEATHER EVENT: Last Tide rayyeeaaaaiin on your wedding day. No, but seriously, we are sort of like that. 

AS AN OBSCURE VINTAGE LP: Last Tide is...The Bridge: A Tribute to Neil Young

AS A MOMENT IN HISTORY: Last Tide is...the Defenestration of Prague, because we precipitated one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history. Little known fact about us. 

AS A DENOMINATION OF CURRENCY: Last Tide is... The Transnistrian ruble. Go ahead, look that up on Wikipedia, you know you want to. 

AS A SPOT IN DC: Last Tide is...stuck in traffic somewhere on the way to practice. 

AS A VIDEO GAME/CHARACTER THEREIN: Last Tide is...Milon's Secret Castle. Or Henry Rollins in Def Jam: Fight for New York. Those two things are similar, right? 

AS A WORK OF LITERATURE: Last Tide is...unfortunately, giving a totally serious answer to this question: we have two songs with lyrics based on Graham Greene novels, so I guess we're going to go with one of those. 

AS A HISTORICAL FIGURE: Last Tide is...Nikola Tesla, because we would like to be portrayed by David Bowie in a major motion picture

AS A CAMPAIGN PROMISE: If elected, Last Tide will...quote the Simpsons incessantly. I think "abortions for some, miniature American flags for others" is a message we can all get behind.


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