Singles Club: The Cinnamon Band

Somehow it got to be May, y'all, and I'm totally not at all sure how that happened. I didn't talk about song #4 of The Cinnamon Band's 12-song 2012 odyssey, but since they haven't posted May's installment I think it's nigh on the right time to talk about it.

"Main Man" sees the dreamy duo taking on glam rock heavyweights T. Rex in what might be the most intriguing cover of the series thus far. Synthy, lusty glitter and glam take a backseat to a gentle, subtle sexiness, brought out beautifully in the dual vocal performances of John Harouff and guest torch singer Christina Gleixner from Richmond's The Low Branches. It's a smoldering little ditty, and I do declare to like it very much. The boys of The Cinnamon Band are about to decamp to the studio, so get your fix right here, right now. 


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