May 7: Spindrift Day

In my humble opinion, friends, there are few bands out there that are as unique and as distinctively special as LA spaghettipsych outfit Spindrift. Theirs is a world in which seedy malcontents, shady misfits, and vagabond ne'er-do-wells amble and ramble through a technicolor neon-hued time-warped desert, a place without a time in a time without a place. They're also mighty fine when you get to see them live. 

As it so happens, these sonic outlaws are on the road as we speak, stopping tonight at Strange Matter in Richmond. Your humble narratress will be there, and if you're in the vicinity, you probably ought to be as well. No better cure for the Monday blues than to have your soul soothed (yet stirred) by these dreamy drifters.



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