Live Review: Spindrift @ Strange Matter, 5/7/12

Seeing live music is always a treat, don't get me wrong, but on occasion seeing live music can be a downright privilege. I'm inclined to feel very, very privileged whenever I am lucky enough to see my favorite gang of Left Coast spaghetti psych outlaws, Spindrift. Richmond's Strange Matter was the scene once again for my latest Spindrift experience, and once again I left Richmond happy, tipsy, and already wanting more. 

When the five Spindriftians took the stage, it felt like deja vu all over again. And in a sense, it was, seeing as my first Spindrift show had happened on that very stage in that very room. They began the set with one of my favorites, the irrepressible, madcap "Girlz Booze and Gunz," from the phenomenal and a half The Legend of God's Gun LP. Starting deceptively mellow, with a touch of eerie organ fugue, the fivesome whipped the song into a haunted, wacky Western frenzy. Oh, how I do so love that spooky little jam. "The Legend of God's Gun" also made it into the set, sounding rough as rawhide and more than ready for a shootout. God's Gun was heavily represented, which sure did make me one happy cowgirl. It's almost as though they knew what I wanted to hear. 

They kept things spicy hot with the inclusion of the bitchin' "Space Vixens Theme," all chunky and sexy and far, far out. The song, and maybe the band as a whole, was such a good old ramble tamble mess, and I loved every second. Under mostly red light and a veil of smoke they played, driven on by the sonic demons within and chased by shades and spectres of a hundred ghost towns. They closed with my oh so very favorite, "Indian Run," full-throttle and alive with swirls of ghosts and valor. If there was a gripe to be made, my one real complaint (other than the fact that their set ended at all) was that the sound got a smidge muddy at times. But I reckon maybe a lot of spots just can't handle all that crazy, crazy noise. 

I don't know many (if any) bands as adept at creating their own sonic landscape as is Spindrift. They breathe all sorts of new, lusty life into the Old, Wild West. If you've still not yet seen Spindrift live, quit dicking around. You need to experience this band for yourself. As frequently as possible. The double-neck guitar alone is worth the price of admission. I'm already wondering when I shall be lucky enough to see them again.

[photo by Megan Petty]


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