Free For All: The Cheniers

Times are tough out there, and for many of us buying music has become quite an indulgence (albeit a necessary one). Happily, there are some lovely musician folk out there that have offered up some fruits of their labors to the masses, free of charge. Free For All celebrates these wonderful people, and you, dear reader types.

I'm not the only one around this here city with an affinity, affection, and straight up crush on the New Zealand sound. Oh no. Witness, if you will, the song stylings of The Cheniers, full of that lo-fi, gritty fuzz and scuffy poppiness so favored by bands like The Clean and The Chills (and many of the bands on Flying Nun's rosters of yore). I even hear some of the bratty snarl of Swell Maps, The Cheniers having dialed down the menace quite a bit of course.  But I swear, it's there just below the surface. An entirely pleasurable listening experience, if you ask me.

The band plays the Black Cat this very evening, joining America Hearts and Dot Dash for what promises to be a great little evening of music. While you're getting ready to go out, check out this wee batch of Cheniers songs, won't you?


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