Crossing The Pond: Tango In The Attic

Today, friends, nothing is sounding quite as right to me as Tango in the Attic. The scamps from Glenrothes have managed to charm me with their cheeky charm and sound influenced by a hodgepodge of goodness, from the bounciness of early Blur to some video game synthy good times to the straightforward modern sparseness of The Jam. Their songs come across as carefree and effortless, especially newest jam "Mona Lisa Overdrive."

The aforementioned little ditty is impossibly catchy, the band's cup overflowething with perfect quantities of jangle and lo-fi, Beach Fossils-esque vocals. In fact, I'd very much like to see those two on the same bill. Someone, pretty please, make this happen. But I've digressed. Tango in the Attic makes me want to shimmy something serious, be it in the attic or just about anyplace else. "I know you want to go/but I want you to stay," goes the band in "Mona Lisa Overdrive," and the latter sentiment applies to how I feel about this band. Here's hoping for more of the same in the very near future.   


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