Sounds Of MACRoCk #9: Nightmare Boyzzz

Early April in the Western Virginia mountains, friends, there’s nothin’ finer. Well, perhaps if you throw in a weekend’s worth of great bands. Oh hey, that’s exactly what happens every year at the Mid-Atlantic College Radio Conference, otherwise known as MACRoCk. I went to my first MACRoCk last year and had such a grand ole time that I’m heading back down once again. Here’s a sampling of the bands that I’ll be taking in, and the bands you should get to know even if you’re not getting your MACRoCk on.

As any Skynyrd fan will tell you, Muscle Shoals has got the swampers. And they've been known to pick a song or two. Folks also sometimes go to Muscle Shoals to record music, which usually ends up pretty well. Another prong in the Muscle Shoals output has been given to the music-loving world at large in the guise of Nightmare Boyzzz, some "raw dawgs" that make "shit pop" (their words, not mine). They're a little bit trashy (in a good way), a little bit 80s retread (also in a good way), and they kinda sorta rule.


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