Sounds Of MACRoCk #7: Total Slacker

Early April in the Western Virginia mountains, friends, there’s nothin’ finer. Well, perhaps if you throw in a weekend’s worth of great bands. Oh hey, that’s exactly what happens every year at the Mid-Atlantic College Radio Conference, otherwise known as MACRoCk. I went to my first MACRoCk last year and had such a grand ole time that I’m heading back down once again. Here’s a sampling of the bands that I’ll be taking in, and the bands you should get to know even if you’re not getting your MACRoCk on.

Something is wrong with the world in which we live, friends, if we live in a world in which I am only now getting to know Total Slacker. In addition to being in possession of a name describing more than a few people I know (and love! Hi friends!), Total Slacker also kicks out some serious slow ride jams, lazy and laconic and laced with scuzz and fuzz and slow motion fierceness, not to mention the occasional dose of sass. Muchly recommended.


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