Sounds Of MACRoCk #4: The Larchmont Trash

Early April in the Western Virginia mountains, friends, there’s nothin’ finer. Well, perhaps if you throw in a weekend’s worth of great bands. Oh hey, that’s exactly what happens every year at the Mid-Atlantic College Radio Conference, otherwise known as MACRoCk. I went to my first MACRoCk last year and had such a grand ole time that I’m heading back down once again. Here’s a sampling of the bands that I’ll be taking in, and the bands you should get to know even if you’re not getting your MACRoCk on.

Sometimes bands get it right in describing themselves. The Larchmont Trash proclaims to "write short, quick volleys about girls, animals, sex toys and former Olympic venues. Their debut takes off like a jet-plane with 8 sonic booms, culminating in a kamikaze on the beach destroying you and your girlfriend." Not bad, that. Not bad at all. They've got them some attitude, those Norfolk pieces of Trash, and some fierce little riffs to go along with their brattitude. If you've been diggin' on that lo-fi, trash rock grittiness, odds are you'll enjoy this.


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