Sounds Of MACRoCk #1: Malatese

Early April in the Western Virginia mountains, friends, there’s nothin’ finer. Well, perhaps if you throw in a weekend’s worth of great bands. Oh hey, that’s exactly what happens every year at the Mid-Atlantic College Radio Conference, otherwise known as MACRoCk. I went to my first MACRoCk last year and had such a grand ole time that I’m heading back down once again. Here’s a sampling of the bands that I’ll be taking in, and the bands you should get to know even if you’re not getting your MACRoCk on.

It sorta makes sense to start at the beginning, right? According to the schedule (subject to change, of course), Malatese is the first band of the first official day of MACRoCk. The Harrisonburgers call themselves trance punk, and I might could get behind that. Frantic rhythms and vocals just flat enough whip themselves into a fine frenzy, tempered with a reserved insanity. I look forward to seeing what these dudes can get up to in person.


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