Sounds Of Austin Psych Fest #6: The Ripe

If I could dream up my absolute ideal festival in my head, it would probably end up looking a little bit like Austin Psych Fest. The Black Angels beat me to it, and that’s alright with me. They know what they're doing. For the fifth time, TBA and the Reverberation Appreciation Society are putting on one heck of a party down in Austin featuring the best and brightest of the psych rock scene. I’m not going (heartbreak), but if I was, this is who I’d be checking out for damn sure.

The first thing that popped into my head when listening to The Ripe for the first time was "ooooooooooh." These Austin psychsmiths have a patently old school sound, spinning a delightfully lo-fi, throwback web of psych-a-go-go with some garage riffs and some spiked Kool-Aid hallucinations. This is the kind of band that has got to be smokin' live, because on record they're straight up singeing my ears. In the very best way. They cite The Kinks and Love and The Beatles and even Big Star, and all are present. But newcomers The Ripe have done their own thing, and done it so very well. Yours truly is in smit somethin' fierce. 



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