Sounds Of Austin Psych Fest #3: MMOSS

If I could dream up my absolute ideal festival in my head, it would probably end up looking a little bit like Austin Psych Fest. The Black Angels beat me to it, and that’s alright with me. They know what they're doing. For the fifth time, TBA and the Reverberation Appreciation Society are putting on one heck of a party down in Austin featuring the best and brightest of the psych rock scene. I’m not going (heartbreak), but if I was, this is who I’d be checking out for damn sure.

MMOSS. O, MMOSS. I had the serious pleasure of seeing these four pied pipers in Richmond a few months back, and they literally took my breath away at the same time they stole a little piece of my soul. What they do on a stage is nothing short of sonic alchemy, creating cacophonies of beautiful, technicolor drone and heady layers of fuzz and all sorts of wonderful insanity. One of the first thoughts I had (when I was finally able to form cohesive thoughts) during their set was "hot damn, they'd be perfect for Psych Fest." And wouldn't you know it. Someone was reading my mind. If you're going to Austin, DO NOT miss MMOSS. Seriously. Don't even think about missing them.


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