Sounds Of Austin Psych Fest #2: Secret Colours

If I could dream up my absolute ideal festival in my head, it would probably end up looking a little bit like Austin Psych Fest. The Black Angels beat me to it, and that’s alright with me. They know what they're doing. For the fifth time, TBA and the Reverberation Appreciation Society are putting on one heck of a party down in Austin featuring the best and brightest of the psych rock scene. I’m not going (heartbreak), but if I was, this is who I’d be checking out for damn sure.

CHICAGO. Just what do you think you're doing, giving the world a psychgazehazerock band like Secret Colours?! Hot. Damn. This band can shimmy like 1967. This band can swirl like 1989. I'm not entirely sure there's anything this band can't do, and do damned well. If I was in the soul sellin' mood, I might be tempted to offer it up to Secret Colours right here and now. "Gotta get closer to the sun," they say, and unlike Icarus I don't think they'll run into any sort of technical difficulties. Oh so very recommended.


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