Singles Club: Thieving Irons

Hot damn, y'all. I haven't talked to you about Thieving Irons since an entire season ago, so let's end that dryspell right about now. Let's refresh the ole memory here for a second. As you recall, Nate Martinez has been one of my favorite New Yorkers since his days with Pela, and his current outfit Thieving Irons is thisclose to releasing their second effort, Behold, This Dreamer!. Seriously. I've been waiting for this one for a long dang time. The glorious track "So Long" was a sample of things to come, and newest ditty "Poison" only helps whets my appetite that much more.

The band's urban rusticism is once again added to with no shortage of shimmy, skipping stones while dipping its toe into almost pop territory. If possible, it's even catchier than its predecessor "So Long," nothing short of beautifully jittery and breathlessly impatient and above all alive. It's the perfect song for twilight, speeding off into the distance in search of the one you love. Dangit, y'all. This is one record I simply can't wait to get my hands on. June 5th can't get here soon enough. Listen and be ready to surrender your heart.


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