Singles Club: Roommates

Hot damn, y'all. Here's what happened. All I was doing was innocently checking my Twitter feed when I clicked on a link from Slumberland's feed...and the rest was history. I found myself listening to/falling in love with some seriously cute and even more addictive saccharine scuzz from the duo known as Roommates. And now I cannot stop listening to this. Help.

"Back to the Sun/Girlfriend Swap" hearkens back a smidge to the beatific glory of the lo-fi rocking of the 80s, especially as can be found in heaping helpings in the tunes that came out of Scotland and New Zealand at the time. Adorable and jangly but probably darker than one might think, given the overall catchy as all get out nature of the songs. If only the weather wasn't so shitty, I'd almost think it was the middle of summer. Almost.


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